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The Gamecocks are headed to the Duck Commander Independence Bowl to take on Miami.  Listen to the HBC's bowl game presser; and hear him talk about coaching changes, and more.  We discuss the idea of a "head coach in waiting," and how to prepare for a coaching transition. We also take a look at the first playoff and if the committee got it right.  And host Tyler Garrett examines the rest of the SEC bowl bids.

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The Gamecocks take it on the chin in Death Valley, falling to Clemson (35-17)—and the streak comes to an end.  Host Tyler Garrett rolls postgame sound from Lorenzo Ward and the HBC.  We ask the question, "What kind of coaching changes would you like to see made?" Also, where could USC be going bowling?

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Clemson week.  The Gamecocks try to make it six straight against the Tigers.  We are joined by 'Clemson Sports Talk' host Lawton Swann; and we play oddsmaker.  The CrowLine has the latest on Tiger quarterback Deshaun Watson's injury; and host Tyler Garrett gives you the keys to victory for USC.  We also touch on the Lady Gamecocks No. 1 ranking on the hardcourt.

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The Gamecocks get a much needed victory over the Florida Gators in OT.  Hear the HBC's post-game thoughts.  Host Tyler Garrett discusses the dramatic end of the game, and asks if you would have gone for two points at the end of regulation.  The Gamecocks get a big commitment in basketball, and miss on another.  Garrett also takes a look at the upcoming home matchup for Frank Martin's team against Baylor.

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It's Florida week! Host Tyler Garrett breaks down what the Gamecocks need to do to ensure victory in the Swamp.  We ask Gamecock Nation about Will Muschamp, and are four-year scholarships for football players a good thing, or bad thing?

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USC suffers another meltdown in the late minutes of the 4th quarter, losing in overtime to Tennessee, 45-42.  We ask Gamecock fans, "What words would you use to describe how you feel about the rest of the season?"  Other hot topics: Marcus Lattimore considers retirement, Na'Ty Rodgers is reinstated to the team, and basketball signing day is approaching.  Can Frank Martin land the big local fish?

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The Gamecocks nearly pull off the upset in Auburn but end up falling short, 42-35.  We discuss the game, and take exception to Lorenzo Ward's postgame presser.  The Gamecocks lose an important commitment to the 2015 class.  And host Tyler Garrett previews the Tennessee matchup, and tells you why you should feel better about this one.

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Host Tyler Garrett recaps the 41-10 win over Furman.  Hear defense coordinator Lorenzo Ward and Mike Davis post-game.  And it's almost hoops time! We recap the preseason Top 25 and hear from men's coach Frank Martin – and talk about the new(old) look Gamecocks. Finally, Garrett ends the show with an Auburn preview.

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It's time to get back to football!  The Gamecocks take on Furman at home on Saturday.  We ask the question, "What do you have to see on Saturday to restore your faith in the season?"  Host Tyler Garrett also has the latest on O-line injuries from Sean Elliot.  And Garrett tells you how USC can still win the SEC East.

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Carolina stumbles late again and loses to Kentucky, 45-38.  Host Tyler Garrett looks at what went wrong, and how it could've been handled differently.  Hear coaches Steve Spurrier and Lorenzo Ward talk about the Commonwealth Cat-astrophe.  And we look at the help that is on the way defensively.

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