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Spring Break is here, and host Tyler Garrett is taking a break.  We rewind to last week's show, where we talk USC spring football and Yardcocks.

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The Yardcocks hit a rocky road by dropping two of three to the Arkansas Razorbacks; and now prepare to take on the Gators at home.  Host Tyler Garrett gets you ready for the conclusion of spring practice with this Saturday's spring game.  Also, should college athletes be paid?

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UNC tops the Lady Gamecocks in NCAA action.   The Yardcocks have a dramatic sweep over the Tennessee Vols.  There's a surprise in the quarterback depth chart for Coach Spurrier during spring drills.   Plus, host Tyler Garrett recaps Pro Day.

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The Lady Gamecocks survive their first round matchup as a No. 1 seed.  We preview the upcoming matchup with No. 9 Oregon State.  A football player finds some trouble with the law; and the Yardcocks slip from the No. 1 spot after dropping the weekend series at Kentucky.

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The Lady Gamecocks pull in a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Women's Tournament.  Host Tyler Garrett talks about where they are headed, and storylines in their regional bracket.  The Yardcocks retain the No. 1 ranking in Kirk Gibson-esque fashion, as they homer in the 9th and win in extras versus Ole Miss.  And we ask Gamecock Nation, what do you need to see from the men's basketball team next year to be satisfied?

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The CrowLine takes the Frank Martin fallout head on. Would this be happening if the team was winning?  What do the players think?  Was the suspension appropriate?  We listen to Coach Martin and from the players. Meanwhile, the Yardcocks move to No. 1 and 15-0.   Host Tyler Garrett asks, is this the best Gamecock team ever?

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What a week to be a Gamecock!  The Lady Gamecocks wrap their first SEC championship at home with a win over Georgia.  The Yardcocks sweep the Clemson Tigers with clutch hitting and great relief pitching.  And basketball coach Frank Martin gets his biggest win as a Gamecock, beating No. 17 Kentucky at the CLA.

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The NFL Scouting Combine was in full swing, and the Jedevon Clowney bashing began in earnest.  Host Tyler Garrett addresses the naysayers; and tells you why you shouldn't be worried about number 7's draft stock.  Clemson Sports Talk host Lawton Swann joins Garrett to preview the Clemson-Carolina baseball matchup.  And we also talk about the Lady Gamecocks chances at a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

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Frank Martin's hoops team notches two wins in a row in the last week.  Tyler Garrett looks back on the best basketball week in two years.  Also, the women's team earns win 23 at LSU.

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National Signing Day is in the books, and we take a deep look at the class and where it stands in the SEC.  Who are you likely to see on the field as a freshman?  We have audio from the HBC, and Coach Jr., about signing day.  And it's time for the Yardcocks' opening weekend; and the rotation is set, as well as a surprise name at closer.

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