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The Yardcocks get a series sweep against Northeastern, and now they turn their attention towards the Clemson Tigers.  Lawton Swann of Clemson Sports Talk joins the program to talk USC-Clemson baseball.  And the Lady Gamecocks get a huge win at home over Tennessee, taking charge of the SEC race.  Can they hold on with two tough games left to play?

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The Yardcocks take two of three at home against the College of Charleston as the season is underway.  Tyler Garrett goes position-by-position and introduces you to the 2015 baseball team.  The Lady Gamecocks bounce back in a big way after the disappointment at UConn with dominating wins over Vanderbilt and LSU.  And one of the new football Gamecocks has found a bit of trouble.  Should he stay?

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South Carolina's 2015 football recruiting class is in the books at No. 19 overall. The HBC and Steve Spurrier Jr. talk about who is signed to help next year.  Show host Tyler Garrett gives you his Top 5 impact freshmen for '15.  And Spurrier (Sr.) calls on an old friend with the hire of NFL defensive coach Jon Hoke to be co-defensive coordinator, alongside Lorenzo Ward.

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Frank Martin and the men get back to their winning ways over Georgia and move to 2-9 in the SEC.  Hear the coach preview the upcoming two-game road trip.  Dawn Staley's team keeps on winning, and remain No. 1 heading into tough games against UGA and UConn.  And with National Signing Day looming, how much does USC spend on recruiting? The answer might surprise you.

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The Gamecocks have another tough week on the hardwood as they go 0-2 at home.  Frank Martin talks about why that happened.  CrowLine host Tyler Garrett talks about how Martin's team can bounce back. The No. 1 women's team continue to steamroll the competition, heading into a showdown with No. 2 UConn.  We also discuss USC's big recruiting weekend – and who will stay in the boat and who may jump (back) in.

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The Gamecocks go 1-1 on the week in basketball, and drop to 1-3 in the SEC – with tougher games ahead this week.  Can USC get to the postseason?  An early signing period has been proposed for college football and could go into effect for 2016.  Host Tyler Garrett talks about whether this is good for the college game.

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Frank Martin and the men's basketball team start SEC play 0-2 after a promising start to the season.  We look ahead to this week's schedule, and hear from the coach on what his team needs to improve.  Steve Spurrier spoke to the media at halftime of the Florida game; and addressed coaching changes and recruiting.  And there have been eight football decommits so far this year – and could coaching changes increase that number?

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USC wins 24-21 over the 'Canes in the Duck Commander Independence Bowl, and finish the season 7-6.  We've got postgame comments from Steve Spurrier and Dylan Thompson.  Host Tyler Garrett gives his biggest questions with the football team moving forward.  Men's hoops scores a big win over No. 9 Iowa State, and is set to take on the Gators at home to start conference play.  And is it too soon to start NCAA Tournament talk?

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The Gamecocks are headed to the Duck Commander Independence Bowl to take on Miami.  Listen to the HBC's bowl game presser; and hear him talk about coaching changes, and more.  We discuss the idea of a "head coach in waiting," and how to prepare for a coaching transition. We also take a look at the first playoff and if the committee got it right.  And host Tyler Garrett examines the rest of the SEC bowl bids.

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The Gamecocks take it on the chin in Death Valley, falling to Clemson (35-17)—and the streak comes to an end.  Host Tyler Garrett rolls postgame sound from Lorenzo Ward and the HBC.  We ask the question, "What kind of coaching changes would you like to see made?" Also, where could USC be going bowling?

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